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Not since Marie Antoinette said ‘Let them eat cake’ have the peasants been so revolting. Western capitalism’s elites are bemused: Brexit, Trump, and maybe more eruptions to follow. But their rulers were so good to them! Hillary Clinton called the ingrates ‘a basket of deplorables’, Bob Geldof flicked them a V sign, Tony Blair thought voters too thick to understand the question. Wigged judges stared down their legalistic noses at a surging, pongy populous.

These people who know best, these snooterati with their faux-liberal ways, are the ‘Patronising Bastards’. Their downfall is largely of their own making – their Sybaritic excesses, an obsession with political correctness, the prolonged rape of reason and rite. You’ll find these self-indulgent show-ponys not just in politics and the cloistered old institutions but also in high fashion, football, among the clean-eating foodies and at the Baftas and Oscars, where celebritydom hires PR smoothies to massage reputations and mislead, distort, twist.

Political columnist and bestselling author Quentin Letts identifies these condescending creeps and their networks, their methods and their dubious morals. Letts kebabs them like mutton. It’s baaaahd. It’s juicy.

Richard Branson, ‘Sir’ Philip Green, Shami Chakrabarti, David Beckham, Lily Allen, Jean-Claude Juncker and any head waiter who calls you ‘young man’ – this one’s for you!






The Speaker’s Wife is the award winning debut novel from Quentin Letts.


Part Westminster satire, part lament for the Church of England.

The Rev Tom Ross’s quiet and semi-alcoholic life as chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons is shattered when an evangelical church gives sanctuary to a white youth chased by the police for making an anti-Islamic protest.

Politicians rage about the Church of England giving a safe haven to a dangerous criminal and Islamists surround the church building, furious at the boy’s insult.

Meanwhile, charismatic atheist Augustus Dymock demands that the Church sell hundreds of its under-used places of worship. Ross finds himself caught in a world of bribes, violence and political spin.

‘The Speaker’s Wife’ mixes Westminster intrigue with searching depictions of an England which has neglected its beliefs. Deft satire is mixed with moving passages about the human condition and even a fairytale love story.


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